domenica 11 dicembre 2016

Goodbye Erasmus+ friends!

Hi everybody ,
before it's too late ...... the Erasmus + is going to end and I've seen an enthusiastic participation of all my colleagues, so I'm trying to write something about my experience  as I missed to report some about me and the engaging activities done during the course in Oxford.
I feel it is something I owe you all , just to summarise what I did during my two -week course!
Starting soon . Well, what I consider significant about my stage  was undoubtedly my last day at school .
We were all really sad but involved in our last activity: we decided to give voice to the idea we had been developing during the last days together both at school  or in the pub the previous evening .....  . Together with some other teachers I spent some time the day before looking for a present but without results .... then later wandering I entered into the beautiful shop that I love to visit everytime I go Britain, the white connection, and  I happened to see a canvas shopping bag with written " Do Small Things With Great Love " on it . Simple but effective, and it was perfect for our teacher Mrs.Shon !
and above all matched well the short story we had written for her and that expressed our true feelings about the whole course.
Here it is with our last effort trying to sum up all the idiomatic expressions we had practiced together:
a big hug to you all (  p.s. hope you can read it all!)
 Marilena :)

sabato 9 aprile 2016

Hi , I'm feeling a little better and looking forward to having a great Sunday in London !! Let's hope for the weather! ..taking the bus very early tomorrow.....sigh
Good night

lunedì 4 aprile 2016

Hi everybody my Erasmus + adventure has just successfully started , the weather is the  traditional changing English weather " , the four seasons " in one day : cloudy ,sunny ,rainy and ....hail but not windy luckily ! The school is ok, 40 teachers from all over Europe split into classes . We are the only Italian ones ,apparently! Interesting amusing and cooperative lessons with a nice teacher from Wales but with a "poshy English accent " as she likes saying. What else ? Really happy for the beautiful homely atmosphere of this brick- layer farmhouse and the nice host family. Let's hope for a better warmer and meals!!! Bye from Oxford

venerdì 19 febbraio 2016


Ciao Sandra ,
come stai ?spero tu abbia trascorso una buona prima settimana e che tutto proceda senza troppe difficoltà . Dammi tue notizie
un abbraccio